Cleaning, quality and durability are important factors in the manufacturing of biomedical devices. For this reasons a efficient and clean surface treatment is required in order to reach these objectives.

Stylus Plasma Noble is able to modify the surface chemistry of materials used in biomedical sectors, increasing surface tension properties, improving wettability, or depositing specific chemical functionalities with the aim to reach high performances in printing, bonding and coating or with the aim to derivatise the surface of a biomedical device for enhancing or inhibit cell adhesion or the bacterial activity.

Nadir plasma technology ensure the most gentle surface treatment avoiding overheating effetcs or surface contamination from electrodes erosion phenomena.

Syringes, catheter tubings, petri dishes, polymeric membranes, bioresorbable or permanent prosthesis and scaffolds are only some examples of biomedical materials and devices that can be improved thanks to the Stylus Plasma Noble surface treatment.

Plasma surface treatment of a thin (20µm) polymeric mebrane