The company

Nadir is a SME established in 2008 by a group of researchers that worked for several years as scientific consultants in the technological transfer field between academia and industries.

Nadir business is focused in the development of an innovative atmospheric plasma technology and in the development of advanced polymer composites.

The company has applied for an international patent related to the new plasma jet device now emerging in the manufacturing field and in the biomedical field for adhesion promotion surface treatments and functional coatings deposition.

Nadir’s Plasma Lab is equipped with different plasma power supplies and devices, ranging from KHz to MHz generators, and with all the electrical characterization equipment needed for the related developments.

Nadir’s Polymer Lab is equipped with a double twin screw extruder for the study of innovative melt compounding processes, where new generations of active fillers are used for the advanced polymer composites production.

Regional, national and European founds have supported Nadir projects.
The company is now involved in the H2020 European project FAST "Functionally Graded Additive Manufacturing Scaffolds by Hybrid Manufacturing" (NMP07, GA n. 685825, ).
A new Hybrid 3D printing technology for implants manufacturing will be developed by integrating both Nadir’s technologies: a new active polymer nanocomposite for 3D printers, and an innovative plasma module for surface functionalization of the printed polymer.